• Redesigned my 05 Civic LX vehicle with Polk 651 speakers and I am inspired. For under $150 including the connectors, I got a major overhaul in sound. When I was changing out the speakers, I was stunned at how modest Honda ran with the stock speakers. When holding one of stock speakers and one of the 651 speakers, you could feel the unrivaled form quality. The 651 speaker measures three fold the amount and uses substantially higher quality materials.

    When looking at the 651 arrangement against different speakers available, these appear to be the main ones that get consistent high acclaim without using up every last cent. JL has better base to them, however in the event that you need the best general quality sound for the cash, these are the best at the season of this audit. Keep in mind, for the front speakers you will require the 651S.

    Primary concern, on the off chance that you vehicle had a quality framework to begin with, rolling out the improvement will be justified, despite all the trouble. Do your examination, since a few organizations used awesome speakers from the begin. Honda is plainly not one of them, at any rate in the LX Civic trim level and underneath.

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